Case Study - Rural Reach: Dialing into South Africa's Unbanked Frontier

Developing a mobile survey tool to assess the viability of a new banking product for Hello Group, targeting rural and migrant populations in South Africa.

Hello Group
Market Research


The mobile survey tool developed for Hello Group had a significant impact on their strategic decision-making process and potential market expansion. By enabling direct data collection from rural and migrant populations, traditionally underserved by conventional banking services, the project opened up new avenues for financial inclusion in South Africa.

The mobile interface allowed Hello Group's agents to efficiently conduct surveys in remote areas, overcoming geographical and infrastructural barriers that often hinder market research in these regions. This approach likely resulted in a higher response rate and more accurate data compared to traditional survey methods, providing Hello Group with invaluable insights into a largely untapped market.

The data collected through this tool provided a comprehensive understanding of the financial needs, behaviors, and preferences of rural and migrant populations. This information was crucial in identifying the most profitable customer segments, a key factor in developing a sustainable and impactful banking offering.

The analysis of purchase intent data helped Hello Group gauge the potential demand for their new banking product, reducing the risk associated with launching a new service. This information likely influenced their go-to-market strategy and helped in allocating resources efficiently.

Insights into the desired product offering allowed Hello Group to tailor their banking solution to the specific needs of their target market. This customer-centric approach could potentially lead to higher adoption rates and customer satisfaction, setting Hello Group apart in a competitive financial services landscape.

The customer experience data collected provided a roadmap for designing a user-friendly and accessible banking service. In a market where trust and ease of use are paramount, especially for those new to formal banking services, this information was invaluable.

While specific metrics aren't provided, it's reasonable to infer that this project significantly influenced Hello Group's decision-making process regarding their new banking offering. The data-driven approach likely led to a more targeted and effective product launch, potentially resulting in faster customer acquisition, higher customer satisfaction, and a stronger foothold in the rural and migrant banking sector.

Moreover, the project's focus on underserved populations aligns with broader financial inclusion goals, positioning Hello Group as a socially responsible player in South Africa's financial services industry. This could enhance their brand reputation and potentially lead to partnerships with government or non-governmental organizations focused on economic development in rural areas.

Introduction to the Customer

Hello Group is a South African company known for its innovative approach to providing financial and telecommunication services to underserved markets. With a focus on migrant workers and rural populations, Hello Group aims to bridge the gap in access to essential services, particularly in the realm of banking and money transfers. Their interest in developing a new banking offering for these populations demonstrates their commitment to financial inclusion and their recognition of the untapped potential in South Africa's rural and migrant communities.


The primary challenge was to accurately assess the viability of a new banking product in a market segment that is traditionally difficult to reach and understand. Rural and migrant populations in South Africa often lack access to conventional banking services and may have unique financial needs and behaviors. Developing a mobile interface that could effectively collect meaningful data from these diverse, often geographically dispersed communities required careful consideration of technological limitations, language barriers, and varying levels of financial literacy. Additionally, the project needed to balance the collection of comprehensive data with the need for a user-friendly interface that Hello Group's agents could easily operate in the field.

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