About me - Transforming Data into Value

I convert data into value. For 14 years, I've looked at consumers, businesses, and markets through a scientific lens. By deconstructing patterns in data, I have unlocked new business performance for clients across various industries.

My career has evolved from economic research to data science, always focused on extracting value from complex information.

Education and Qualifications - A Foundation of Continuous Learning

My academic background and ongoing professional development form the bedrock of my expertise in data science and analytics.

  • University Education. Studied Econometrics, Economics and Actuarial Science at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.
  • Professional Certifications. Professional Data Scientist certification from IBM, and Julia for Scientific Programming from the University of Cape Town.
  • Specialized Training. Completed courses in Strategic Management and Innovation Copenhagen Business School, Econometrics Erasmus University Rotterdam, and AWS Cloud certification.

Skills and Expertise - Mastering the Tools of Data Science

My technical skills span a wide range of programming languages and data science tools, enabling me to tackle complex analytical challenges.

  • Programming Languages. Proficient in Julia, Python, and JavaScript for versatile data manipulation and analysis.
  • Predictive Analytics. Expert in libraries such as FluxML, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, Scikit-learn, and MXNet.
  • Data Processing. Skilled in using Pandas, NumPy, DataFrames.jl, DataFramesMeta.jl, and CSV.jl for efficient data handling.
  • Web Development. Experienced with React, Next.js, Node.js, and Tailwind CSS for creating data-driven web applications.
  • Data Visualization. Proficient in Plotly, Recharts, and D3.js for creating insightful and interactive data visualizations.
  • Databases. Experienced in working with PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, and MySQL. Skilled in SQL queries, SQL-based ETL processes, and exploratory data analysis (EDA) using SQL.

My Approach - Collaborative, Data-Driven Solutions

I believe in close collaboration with clients, focusing on clear communication and measurable results. My process involves four key stages, guided by core values.

  • Strategy. Work closely with clients to identify and prioritize challenges and opportunities, combining their industry knowledge with my data expertise.
  • Build. Employ rapid prototyping to develop minimum viable products (MVPs) that address key business needs identified in the planning stage.
  • Scale. Create robust, enterprise-grade solutions that can handle growing data volumes and integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure.
  • Continuous Improvement. Regularly assess system performance against key business metrics and user feedback, ensuring solutions evolve with changing needs.

Core Values - Principles Guiding My Work

My approach is underpinned by six core values that drive me to create impactful data science solutions.

  • Innovation. Exploring cutting-edge techniques to keep clients ahead in their industries.
  • Integrity. Upholding the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct.
  • Impact. Creating solutions that deliver measurable, meaningful results.
  • Collective Intelligence. Leveraging diverse perspectives for robust solutions.
  • Fairness. Treating all clients with respect and ensuring transparent practices.
  • Purpose-led. Harnessing data science for positive societal impact.

Personal Interests - Beyond the Data

Outside of work, I'm a family man with diverse interests that complement my professional life.

  • Family. Married with children, balancing professional pursuits with family life.
  • Horse Riding. Passionate about horse riding, finding balance and perspective outside the world of data.
  • Culinary Adventures. An enthusiast of spicy food, always ready to try new flavors and cuisines.

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